M.Mart 3-Way Lightweight Video Tripod (3120)


• Weight (g): 390
• Extended Length (mm): 1020
• Folded Length (mm): 350
• Use: camera
• Material: Aluminum alloy
• Type: Mini Tripod / Lightweight
• Model Number: 3120
• Leg Sections: 3

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Introducing the M.Mart 3-Way Lightweight Video Tripod (3120), now available at an unbeatable price on our online store. This tripod is designed to provide stability and versatility for your photography and videography needs.

The M.Mart 3-Way Lightweight Video Tripod (3120) is constructed with high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and sturdiness while remaining lightweight. It offers a weight of just 390g, making it highly portable and easy to carry.

With an extended length of 1020mm, this tripod provides ample height for capturing the perfect shot. When folded, it measures just 350mm, allowing for easy storage and transportation.

Designed for use with cameras, this tripod is compatible with various camera models. It provides a stable base for capturing photos or videos, ensuring sharp and steady results.

The M.Mart 3-Way Lightweight Video Tripod (3120) features three leg sections, providing flexibility in adjusting the height and angle of your camera. This allows you to capture shots from different perspectives and adapt to different shooting situations.

Whether you’re shooting landscapes, portraits, or videos, this tripod offers stability and support for your camera. It helps eliminate unwanted shaking and blurring, resulting in professional-quality images and smooth video footage.

Upgrade your photography gear with the M.Mart 3-Way Lightweight Video Tripod (3120). Order yours today from our online store and experience the difference it makes in capturing stunning photos and videos.


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